What is the Relationship Between the Vagus Nerve & Wellbeing in Children in Windsor, CO?

As a parent, there is nothing that you wouldn’t do for the well-being of your children. It is always the goals to help you kids learn and grow into healthy, well-rounded human beings. There are several facets that are involved when it comes to your child’s growth and development. However, there is an important part of your child’s health that nobody seems to be talking about, the vagus nerve. While this is discussed when it comes to the health of athletes and adults, for some reason it isn’t getting any attention when talking about children. Revelation Chiropractic is here to talk about why the vagus nerve is something that should be focused on when it comes to kids and their growth and development.

What Problems Can the Vagus Nerve Cause?

There are many, many nerves throughout your body that perform a number of different purposes. However, there is not one that has a bigger impact on your body than the vagus nerve. It is responsible for both sensory and motor functions in your body. Things like breathing, digesting, supporting immune and stem-cell function, controlling your heart rate, and more are all done with the help of the vagus nerve. This nerve and its ability to help you live a healthy and balanced life is talked about for adults, but it should be focused on with children far more. The presences of certain stressors in our children’s lives is causing issues with the vagus nerve.

Does the Vagus Nerve Induce Stress?

The many stresses that children face in this world is attacking the vagus nerve which is essential to learning and developing normally. Between screen time, childhood injuries, inflammatory foods and chemicals, your children have stressors in their lives that will either cause the vagus nerve to become stronger to help these kids deal with the stress or it will get turned down. When it is turned down, your children are living in fight or flight state all of the time. This can be detrimental to the development of your kids.

Can You Repair a Damaged Vagus Nerve?

There are a few things that can be done to help heal the vagus nerve.
– Breathing: long, deep breaths have many health benefits, but it will help to stimulate the vagus nerve as well. The added oxygen that is brought into the body during long, deep breaths will help to stimulate that vagus nerve so that it can help you calm down and chill out.
– Singing/Humming: There is a reason that music is so helpful in calming down humanity. This also has the ability to turn up that vagus nerve to find a calm place.
– Chiropractic Care: The only long term fix for the vagus nerve is found in chiropractic care. They have the ability to measure the amount of stress that the vagus nerve is under. Since healthcare looks different for every patient, a chiropractor that specializes in neurological-based care will be able to formulate a plan it’s parents to help turn up the vagus nerve.

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