Who’s got your back?: The Benefits of the Torque Release Technique

What do you envision when you think about a visit to the chiropractor? Maybe some anxiety-inducing twisting? Some loud popping from scary and uncomfortable positions? Does getting an adjustment sound more nerve-wracking than healing and relaxing? Well, we’ve got some good news for you!

If you’ve been unhappy with your chiropractic experience in the past, but still want the amazing health benefits, the Torque Release Technique is just what you’ve been looking for! Here at Revelations Chiropractic in Fort Collins, we specialize in the Torque Release Technical and if you get in touch, we’d be happy to talk with you about!

So what is Torque Release, anyway?

The torque release technique is the only FDA approved chiropractic technique, and it is the most gentle and specific way to get your spine into proper alignment and keep it there with regular adjustments.

Who is it for?

Everybody! This technique is gentle and specific enough to be used on people of any age or stage of life. Here at Revelation Chiropractic, we regularly see newborns, pregnant mothers, and elderly people, with great success!

How does it work?

A Torque Release chiropractor will use a tool called an integrator to gently and specifically move one vertebrae at a time. Instead of forceful hands-on adjustments, the integrator uses a small amount of applied pressure to release the tension pulling your spine out of alignment.

What happens during my adjustment?

You may not hear a dramatic pop followed by a huge feeling of relief. In fact, at first it might not feel like anything has happened at all! But while it may not seem like much, your body is slowly healing and realigning itself. For some people, relief is immediate, but for others it may take several adjustments before symptoms start to improve.

How The Torque Release Technique Works

A far cry from manual manipulation, the torque release technique offers a safe, gentle adjustment without the need for contorting your body into uncomfortable positions.

While it may not feel like much is happening during your torque release adjustment, the gentle pressure and short bursts of thrust (delivered at 1/10,000th of a second) allow your body’s nervous system to receive new, corrective information. Then your body accepts and integrates this new information (subluxation correction) and delivers it throughout your spinal column.

For some, they may not feel any different for a few hours or days; this is all dependent upon how your body responds to the torque release. For others, relief is felt immediately or shortly after your appointment. No matter whether you feel immediate relief or not, you can rest assured that your body will continue realigning these subluxations and correcting itself long after you’ve left our chiropractor’s office.

Special Torque Release Characteristics

The specificity of this adjustment is one of its most impressive features; the Integrator allows Dr. Chad the advantage of pinpointing exact points of inflammation and correcting them.
Both the Torque Release Technique and the Integrator are recognized by US FDA 510k certification, which makes Torque Release the only FDA-approved chiropractic method.
Through gentle force, speed, and thrust, the Integrator painlessly gets to the heart of what’s causing you back pain. Although the thrusts (sounding similar to a staple gun) are quick, the pain involved is nonexistent or minimal.
This procedure has proven to be effective time and time again, offering patients a safe, corrective chiropractic alternative to manual manipulation.
If you’re concerned that manual chiropractic adjustment isn’t right for you, or you’re looking for a gentler, more precise chiropractic adjustment method, then Torque Release may be right for you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us here at Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins today to schedule an appointment!

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