How Often Should You Get A Chiropractic Adjustment?

People come in to see our Fort Collins chiropractors for many different reasons. Some use our services for back pain, others for rehabilitation after an accident, and others for preventative care. Still more come for help managing serious conditions, such as scoliosis.

Just like different chiropractors utilize different chiropractic adjustment techniques, their philosophies about how frequently you should come in for treatments also vary. Some chiropractors have the primary goal of helping return to your base state and don’t want to see you again unless you have another specific problem that you need help with. Other chiropractors believe in preventative maintenance programs, and prefer to see you regularly, whether that means once a week or every couple of months.

Here at Revelation Chiropractic, we take each case individually and create a treatment plan based on your unique needs. Our primary goal is to help you live with as little pain as possible, whether that means once-a-week visits or a single session.

In today’s blog, we’ll cover a few of the common issues that we treat here in our office and give a general idea of how often patients with these issues come into our office. Of course, each case is different, but it does help to have a general time frame to understand how much care and rehabilitation you may need.

Common Neck And Back Pain

Many people suffer from general back pain. Back pain is caused by many different things, but often bad posture is to blame. If you work a desk job or another relatively sedentary job, you may experience back pain. Sitting a chair for eight hours a day simply isn’t good for your spinal health. We always recommend taking regular stretch breaks and walks to help keep your back aligned.

If you have this type of common back pain, it can often be treated in a few sessions. It may take longer, or more frequent visits, depending on your condition and the underlying stressors. If you’ve been experiencing pain for a long time without visiting a chiropractor, it can take longer to relieve your back pain. Part of back health is learning and maintaining healthy habits, such as good posture, exercise, and stretching.

In terms of preventative maintenance for common neck and back pain, many of our clients find that regular adjustment every two to four weeks can prevent problems and pain.

More Serious Problems

If you have a more serious problem, such as a slipped disc, scoliosis, or whiplash following an injury, you’ll need more intensive chiropractic treatment. Again, every person and situation is unique. In terms of serious pain, the frequency of your chiropractic adjustment will depend on your condition, how severe the damage is, and how well you respond to chiropractic care. People respond differently to chiropractic adjustments. Some see improvement immediately, others within a few weeks. If you haven’t seen an improvement within a month, you may need to see a chiropractor who uses a different approach or try combining chiropractic adjustments with another form of care, such as physical therapy.

Here at Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins, we see many patients who have worked with chiropractors that use other techniques. We are one of the only chiropractors in northern Colorado that uses the torque release technique, an innovative form of chiropractic adjustment that does not involve loud cracking or popping. Instead, we use a special tool called an integrator that allows the nervous system to better process the adjustment after you leave our office.

Healing The Whole Body

Here at Revelation Chiropractic, one of the reasons we decided to open our chiropractic office is that chiropractic adjustments have the ability to heal the whole body. A common misconception is that an adjustment will just relieve your neck or back pain. But we’ve found that chiropractic care has the ability to naturally heal your entire body. After all, your skeletal system is what holds up your entire body. A properly adjusted back can heal leg pain, arm pain, migraines, digestive pain, and more. We like to say that regular adjustments is like eating healthy meals. Eating one salad isn’t going to change your diet, but if you develop regular healthy habits, you can gain benefits that extend well beyond digestive health. The same logic can be applied to chiropractic care and, over time, you can develop habits like good posture, regular stretching, and support an overall healthy habits.

Listen To Your Body

Ultimately, your health is up to you! While we will create a treatment plan for you and recommend how often you should schedule appointments with our chiropractors, how often you come into our office will be your decision. If you want to catch minor misalignments before they cause problems, you will probably end up coming in more frequently. However, you may also prefer to come in only for a particular problem, such as whiplash after an accident. We always encourage you to listen to your body and do what’s right for you. By knowing your body and how it responds to chiropractic adjustments, you can work with our chiropractors to decide what is best for you.

Revelation Chiropractic in Fort Collins

Our Fort Collins team of chiropractors is here to help you find relief from back pain and other forms of joint pain. We’re passionate about the power of chiropractic adjustments — we’ve seen how it can change lives! And we started our chiropractic practice as a way to help people of all ages live happier and healthier lives.

We use the Torque Release Technique to align your spine without any loud popping or cracking, so even those who are bothered by this can experience the benefits of chiropractic care. If you’re suffering from lower back pain, spinal pain, or other central nervous pain, our chiropractors can help. Schedule a consultation today and we’ll work with you to develop a treatment plan to help resolve your condition!

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