Will a Chiropractor Help a Pinched Nerve in Windsor, CO? Spinal Manipulation to Remove Compression & More

Though any age group can experience a pinched nerve, studies show that people over 50 years of age are more susceptible. Pinched nerves are commonly triggered when individuals who also suffer from arthritis or bone degeneration. Unfortunately, if pinched nerves are not treated adequately, your quality of life may rapidly decline. For those that suffer from pinched nerves, you may be surprised to know that chiropractic services can help with pinched nerves and we at Revelation Chiropractic would like to address how.

What are the Main Causes of a Pinched Nerve?

A pinched nerve is caused by any excess pressure targeted on the root of a nerve caused by a tissue, tendon, or bone by definition. Also, it is known as a compressed nerve that creates pain in the affected area from the added weight causes a grave disruption to the nerve’s function. A herniated disc in the spinal cord could be the culprit when you feel lower back pain. Due to a possible injury, or just simply because the disc becomes weakened, the disc becomes herniated. The result is in nerve compression when this triggers inflammation in the area. Additional causes leading to pinched nerves:
– Obesity
– Repetitive Physical Activity Increases Stress
– Forced Injuries
– Carpal Tunnel Syndrome
– Bone Spurs
Because many people who develop this condition suffer the side effects of a pinched nerve, carpal tunnel syndrome is worth mentioning. Due to the size of their carpal tunnel, women are more at risk of dealing with carpal tunnel syndrome. An inflamed tendon within the tunnel, as well as an enlarged bone that accommodates the tunnel is included in many sets of tissues are thus at fault for the compression of the carpal tunnel’s median nerve.

Symptoms of a Pinched Nerve

Pain is created in the affected area from any of the mentioned extra weight or compression causes a grave disruption to the nerve’s function. The sensations may vary, ranging from:
– Weakness
– Utter discomfort
– Tingling
– Sharp aching pain
– Numbness
Symptoms that coincide with a pinched nerve may occur when you least expect it, making a pinched nerve a surprise to many patients. They will become persistent over time if these episodes go untreated. Since the affected nerve has been irritated because of the repetitive compression, when a person feels weakness in their leg, arm, foot, or hand due to a pinched nerve. If the proper care is not pursued, muscle function, size, and vitality may be lost in the specific area. The increased compression may result in wearing down the nerve’s protective outer layer in more specific cases associated with pinched nerves. The buildup of fluid in the area will cause dangerous inflammation and potential scarring of tissue if that occurs.

Chiropractic Care & Therapy in Fort Collins, CO (Just Minutes from Loveland, Berthoud, Johnstown, Windsor and Wellington, Colorado)

It is detrimental that you reach out to a chiropractor as soon as possible if you are suffering the effects of a pinched nerve. Chiropractors aim to address the root cause of the ailment. By reducing the pressure that has been built up, chiropractic care corrects the problem. Call Revelation Chiropractic today for a consultation if you are experiencing pinched nerves and let us help you find relief.

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